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Aug 28 2011

Watch the… whiteboard?

Disclaimer: some people who read this blog will probably not want to follow the links provided, just fyi. If you don’t like hip-hop, I’d leave it alone.

Earlier today on facebook, I posted a status about listening to “Watch the Throne” while lesson planning… and how it makes me feel like a superhuman teacher who can literally achieve anything. Well, I think at least one of those tracks did the trick – somehow this weekend I’ve managed to be more prepared going into my week than any other time previous to this. Do I still have a ton to plan? Absolutely. But the best part about how much I have done is actually being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and not to feel overwhelmed at other stuff that’s coming up this week. I’m so used to planning and preparing for hours and hours and feeling like I’ve achieved nothing, but this weekend was so much different and I’m so glad. I was able to get a lot done by taking one thing at a time and just working on what was more pressing first.

I’m still going to school early tomorrow just because I’ve determined that I really like getting there with enough time to really look around and spot check any last minute issues that may arise. But overall, things are way different this Sunday than I can remember in pretty much every past Sunday since May. I’m not completely overwhelmed at the thought of a looming week. I’ve made lists of the things I need to do, and I accomplished enough over the weekend to feel that it’s all very feasible. It’s a good feeling to finally start a week for once without wishing you could go back to the weekend and do it over.

So this week my motto is that I’m gonna go H.A.M.; and these kids better be ready for it. Hopefully positive things are borne out of my weekend determination to finally get ahead.

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